Research Group on Radar Techniques IES WUT

The Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology WUT, room 602C


Research and development projects (selected):

-European Defence Agency (EDA):

  • „Distributed and adaptive multisensor fusion engine”,
  • „SAR-based augmented integrity navigation architecture”,
  • „Synthetic aperture radar for all weather penetrating UAV application”.

-Ministry of Science and Higher Education:

  • “Development of the concept of a passive radar”,
  • “Development of the concept of high resolution SAR”,
  • “Design and implementation of software and hardware modules for the implementation of AIS mode, ISAR, HiSAR and ECCM in maritime airborne radar”,
  • “Development of signal processing algorithms in passive radar signals based on DVB-T”,
  • “Transceiver Modules with Adaptive Phase Response Forming for LDMOS Transistors for use in Multifunction S-band Radar with Active Antennas “,
  • “Development of the tracking radar technology demonstrator for anti-aircraft artillery control”.

-Cooperation with Innovative Economic Programme, 2007-2013:

  • “Photonics and Terahertz Technology – Development of Faculty Research Centre”,
  • “Launching a Group of Innovative Supplementing Research Laboratories in the Area of Micro-, nano- and optoeletronics”.