Research Group on Radar Techniques IES WUT

The Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology WUT, room 602C

Thesis titles

Bachelor theses
Master theses

Bachelor theses (completed):
1. „Decoder digital video broadcasting terrestrial signals for passive radiolocation” (Supervisor: P. Samczyński PhD)
2. „Passive radar using DVB-T digital correlator implemented based on FPGA that come with your NI-PXIe -1071” (Supervisor: P. Samczyński PhD)
3. „Demodulation and decoding of the IEEE 802.11g” (Supervisor: prof. K.Kulpa PhD)
4. „The implementation of an FMCW radar” (Supervisor: M. Malanowski PhD)
5. „Demonstrator of SAR radar with FMCW” (Supervisor: P. Samczyński PhD)
6. „Implementation of DVB-T receiver for passive radar system with use of FPGA technology” (Supervisor: J. Misiurewicz PhD)
7. „Noise radar with locally generated reference signal” (Supervisor: M. Malanowski PhD)
8. “Software defined radio for DVB-T digital terrestrial television signal reception” (Supervisor: prof. K. Kulpa PhD)
9. „Waveform design for pseudo-random synthetic aperture radar SAR” (Supervisor: J. Misiurewicz PhD)
10. „A short range FMCW radar” (Supervisor: prof. K. Kulpa PhD)
11. „Design and implementation of a boot environmet for the data processing system BF 08A” (Supervisor: prof. K Kulpa PhD)
12. „Signal processing in DAB+ standard” (Supervisor: prof. K. Kulpa PhD)
13. „Reconstruction of reference DVB-T signal in passive radar systems” (Supervisor: prof. K. Kulpa PhD)
14. „Ground – based i synthetic aperture noise radar demonstrator” (Supervisor: prof. K. Kulpa PhD)
15. „Computational module designed for digital signal processing for CELL Broadband architecture” (Supervisor: prof. K. Kulpa PhD)
16. „Passive radar based on DVB-T digital television signal” (Supervisor: prof. K. Kulpa PhD)
17. „Creation of internet applications and the example of its application in conference system” (Supervisor: prof. K. Kulpa PhD)
18. „Control panel of multitask system based on WWW serwer” (Supervisor: J. Misiurewicz PhD)
19. „Analysis parameter of circulator antennas array for use in passive cohernet location system” (Supervisor: prof. K. Kulpa PhD)
20. „Air target detection using pulsed bistatic radars” (Supervisor: Piotr Samczyński PhD)

Master theses (completed):
1. “Object localization for passive radar based on compressed sensing“ (Supervisor: J. Misiurewicz PhD)
2. “Concept of on – board computer for “cubeSat” nanosatellites” (Supervisor: prof. K Kulpa PhD)
3. „Development and implementation of mudule of target detection for the targets radar detector” (Supervisor: M. Malanowski PhD)
4. „Scientific description of paraller algorithms for SAR radar and implementation with CUDA technology” (Supervisor: M. Malanowski PhD)
5. „Implementation of PCL algorithms for CUDA” (Supervisor: prof. K. Kulpa PhD)
6. “Methods of improving the quality of imaging obtained by subsurface sounding radar” (Supervisor: prof. K. Kulpa PhD)
7. „Research system for ground scalflering measurements using noise radar” (Supervisor: prof. K. Kulpa PhD)
8. “Experimental passive radar based on DVB-T signal” (Supervisor: prof. K. Kulpa PhD)
9. “A real –time implementation of passive coherent location radar on Playstation 3” (Supervisor: prof. K. Kulpa PhD)
10. “Signal processing for ground penetrating radar in focused SAR mode” (Supervisor: prof. K. Kulpa PhD)
11. „Radar display based on modern web technologies” (Supervisor: J. Misiurewicz PhD)
12. „Virtual signal analyser” (Supervisor: prof. K. Kulpa)
13. „Improved methods of radar signal processing in the DBS technique” (Supervisor: prof. K. Kulpa PhD)
14. „Methods for focusing SAR images in spotlight mode” (Supervisor: prof. K. Kulpa PhD)
15. „Software infrastructure assisting development of applications for embedded devices” (Supervisor: J. Misiurewicz PhD)
16. „Detection and parameter estimation of radar signals using time-frequency methods” (Supervisor: P. Samczyński PhD)