Research Group on Radar Techniques IES WUT

The Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology WUT, room 602C

Research Group on Radar Techniques


PhD Students:

  • mgr inż. Marek Gaweł
  • mgr inż. Damian Gromek
  • mgr inż. Stanisław Rzewuski
  • mgr inż. Krzysztof Borowiec
  • mgr inż. Paweł Roszkowski
  • mgr inż. Paweł Dzwonkowski
  • mgr inż. Karol Klincewicz
  • mgr inż. Maciej Wielgo


  • inż. Łukasz Gawroński
  • inż. Karolina Krej
  • inż. Michał Szczepankiewicz

Research subjects:

The Group took part in developing, implementing and deploying many radiolocation systems in cooperation with industry, e.g. Telecommunication Research Institute and RADWAR (currently BUMAR Elektronika S.A.).

Research Group on Radar Techniques developed:

  • PaRaDe – Passive Radar Demonstrator,
  • Noise radar demonstrator,
  • Micro-SAR – small synthetic aperture radar demonstrator.

Research activities:

  • Digital signal processing algorithms for radar systems,
  • Radar systems simulations (e.g. imaging radars, georadars, Air Traffic Control radars, weather surveillance radar, radars for special purposes),
  • High resolution radar images (e.g. SAR – Synthetic Aperture Radar, ISAR – Inverse SAR, InSAR – Interferometric SAR, PolInSAR – Polarimetric Interferometry SAR),
  • Passive and noise radars,
  • Detection of low power signals in presence of noise and interferences,
  • Tracking of moving objects (Kalman filtering, multiple hypothesis tracking),
  • Implementation of digital signal processing algorithms for different platforms (CUDA – Compute Unified Device Architecture, multi-core processors and multiprocessor boards, industrial PC),
  • Telecommunication signal processing (e.g. DAB – Digital Audio Broadcasting, DVB-T – Digital Video Broadcasting, GSM – Global System for Mobile Communications, UMTS – Universal Mobile Telecommunications System).

Group Seminars:
Electronic Circuits and Systems Division seminars take place at Wednesdays at 12 AM in room 229 (seminar room of Institute of Electronic Systems, II floor).